Mekong River Videos

One of the activites offered during your Mekong River Cruise is kayaking with life jackets, guide and safety gear. Below is a video of me kayaking down the Mekong River. Note that the Mekong River forms much of Thai Laos border. When the river is low, crossing the border by a few metres for a short time was necessary to navigate around sand bars and other obsticales.

Boat day trip Mekong River Cruise near Vientiane's Thai Lao Friendship Bridge from Nong Khai Thailand.

Tourist attraction Than Thong waterfall (Pha Tang waterfall) near Vientiane. Day tour to many waterfalls near Vientiane near Mekong River Laos Thailand Nong Khai.

VERY long dragon boats racing on the Mekong River near Vientiane. Dragon boat race Phuket south Thailand.

Jungle walk from my home to the edge of the plateau overlooking the Mekong River.

360 degree video of the beautiful, cool, Clearwater Lake 2Km south of the Mekong River and 1km south of Wat Hin Mak Peng on the south bank of the Mekong. Move the 360 video with your mouse.

Traditional Isan cultural dance music during Bang Fai rocket festival in north east Thailand.